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Best Pest Control is your "Best Bet To Be Pestless"

Need help with pest control? Turn to Best Pest Control. We are here to serve you 7 days a week.

Protect Your Property

From Pests

No one wants to stay in a place teeming with pests. Not only can they trigger allergic reactions, but they can also carry diseases!

When you spot early signs of infestation, call Best Pest Control. We’re one of the few pest control companies that operate 7 days a week! We specialize in termite control services for commercial and residential clients in Louisiana.

We provide wood destroying insect reports (WDIR) and pre-construction and post-construction termite treatments. All termite treatments come with a contract approved by the Louisiana Pest Management.


Are termites only active during termite season?

No. Termites are active year-round, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. However, termites go dormant and eat a lot slower during the colder months.

What happens if I see active termites?

Contact Best Pest Control ASAP.

How can I tell if the termites are active in my home?

One noticeable way to determine if your home has active termites is to check for a mud-like substance (called a shelter tube or termite mound) eating through your walls or along your foundation. If this is identified, simply disrupt the shelter tube or mound and the termites will crawl out. Give it a couple days and the shelter tube or mound will reattach itself.

When's the best time to treat your house for termites?

The best time is now! It's always better to prevent termites than to get rid of them!

Do you offer contactless services?

Yes! It's our goal to keep both our employees and customers safe to the "BEST" of our abilities.

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